• 2 leg steg

    by Luca (age 5)


    mission: Luca's idea is to send Stegs to lots of different places in the world and the Stegs have said they'd very much enjoy travelling to new homes


    • 100 different steg NFTs

    • 1 x #000 Steg charity auction

    • fixed price 0.04 ETH

    • give a Steg a name

    • claim a t-shirt

    • plant a tree


    4 Stegs are staying with Luca's family.

    3 Stegs live with their new owners in the USA

    1 Steg lives in The Netherlands with his new owner

    92 Stegs are looking for homes around the world

    After the first 10 Steg NFTs sales are completed the pinned tweet giveaway on twitter will be actioned

    #000 Steg will be released as a charity auction once all #001 to #100 Stegs are allocated.




    NEW! 50 2LegStegs to be airdropped to #001 holders of Euan's Animal Trail NFTs. Euan is Luca's older brother and best mate.


    AND the first 10 2LegSteg NFT sales will receive a Euan's Animal Trail NFT Airdrop too.



    Support these very cool little guys do great things with their projects!




    2 Leg Steg is a creature based on a Steggasaurus dinosaur drawn by Luca, a little boy from the UK.

    2 Leg Steg looks awesome on T-shirts so Luca's idea is for stegs to be found and worn by lots of different people all around the world.
    Luca's dad George is helping him with the technical stuff because it's a bit tricky to manage when you're 5 years old.


    Luca and his big brother Euan were extremely bored and frustrated by the work sent home by their school during the recent UK lockdowns so we offered them the alternative of setting up enterprises based on activities they enjoy. They both love to draw so that is how this came about. Euan  (who is 9) has his own t-shirt store with over 30 animal designs as well as Steg hoodies.




    T-shirts in your choice of colour, size and cut by Teemill


    High quality

    Organic cotton

    Sustainably manufactured

    Environmentally and socially responsible supply chain




    There are 100 2 Leg Stegs that exist as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). Each has their own name and unique colour scheme and are numbered #001 to #100.


    You can view and bid for a 2 Leg Steg on opensea. When you own a 2 Leg Steg you can claim a t-shirt (send us an email with confirmation of your NFT transaction) and share a pic on social media with your location and the tag #2legsteg for Luca to see who is wearing a steg t-shirt and where in the world stegs have travelled to.


    You can also resell your NFT. Luca will receive a royalty each time a steg is re-sold. Luca's royalty will be used to plant a tree in the equatorial rainforest belt and offer a discount or cover the cost (see terms below) on a t-shirt claim by new owners.


    Since starting the project we've learned more about how the NFT space works and what the NFT community value. As a result we will be sending 10% of the total Stegs to some people in giveaways as the project progresses and keeping 4 for ourselves. If we sell out then we will have traded a total of 3.44 ETH. There are the costs of sending out t-shirts and tree planting to consider too but we will have a modest sum of ETH to help fund some of the ideas us and the boys have in the NFT space (see Euan's Animal Trail & others at Luca and Euan's dad's website www.georgemoorey.co.uk)

  • Claims & resale terms / info

    if you own a Steg NFT click the "claim" to email us


    Be the first!

    First NFT owners will most likely obtain the NFT for the best price the earlier an offer or bid is accepted.


    t-shirts are available in a range of cuts and sizes that the NFT owner can choose from when claiming.


    First NFT owners

    The first NFT owner can claim t-shirt in their choice of colours. Once a specific colour T-shirt is claimed it can never be claimed again by another owner of the same NFT.


    Claim on a resold NFT

    Subsequent owners of the NFT can claim a t-shirt only from the remaining choice of colours. Once all the colour options are claimed then only white t-shirts can be claimed. The men's t-shirt cut has the greatest range of colours as it is a universal cut. Other cuts (women's, kids etc.) have a smaller range of colours.



    Luca's royalty share on NFT

    re-sales must be at least equivalent to the cost of fulfilling a t-shirt claim including postage to a subsequent NFT owners. Anything less will be sent a lovely Steg sticker of their NFT if claimed as a gesture of goodwill!

  • Limited quantity of 100 NFTs

    the 100 Stegs share the uniform outline of Luca's terrific design but each one is unique; sporting individual names and colour schemes making each one a one-off

    T-shirts and tree planting

    Each NFT sale grants a claim for a t-shirt and results in a tree being planted in the equatorial rainforest belt by Treesisters. The t-shirt vendor is the Isle of Wight based Teemill which is amongst the very few fashion companies that are determined to uphold the highest quality, ethical, environmental, sustainable and social values

    All around the world

    Luca and George are looking forward to connecting individually with the Steg owners community (you don't have to and it's cool if you'd rather remain an anonymous supporter. We just enjoy meeting new people from around the world!)